Monday, March 17, 2008

Return to Iran

Last night I dreamt that Kirsti and I went to Iran. (I lived there as a little kid and had my 4th and 5th birthdays there.) We were in a comic book store, and I had a large stack of books that I was getting ready to purchase. I was surprised that they had all of the same stuff that you can get in America, and I also found it amusing that they had a bunch of knock-offs of various suphero comics as well. I seem to remember seeing something that looked vaguely like Wolverine, only it wasn't Wolverine.

While standing in the store, I felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness and sorrow at the same time - happiness that I had returned and sorrow that I had been gone for so long. I stood there in the store and cried.

Then we were going all around to different houses, and I noticed that every floor had carpeting, and some of the carpets had stains on them.

As we walked the streets, there were people who were trying to enforce "sharia". I specifically remember that word, but I remember that all of the regular people on the street didn't seem to like them. I asked why we didn't all just gang up and beat them up. A crowd started to gather behind me, but then the alarm rang.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dream #1

I decided to write down my dreams and put them in a new blog. This blog is more for me, but if anybody wants to read them and give their interpretations, then that's fine. I'm doing this because I've been having a lot of vivid dreams lately, and they've been filled with all sorts of symbols that I can't quite figure out. Here's last night's:

I was on a field trip/excursion with my fellow English teachers to San Francisco. We were coming back from some sort of teacher-training seminar, and we were riding the bus. I gave the bus driver Disc 3 of my Police boxed set to play while we were going. It wasn't a special bus for all of us though, it was a regular MUNI bus.

My friends in the department and I (which was weird, because it included my friend Ben, who doesn't work at my school and isn't even a teacher) decided that we should go to the beach. Somehow, we were going to get off at the TransAmerican pyramid and catch a bus up to Stinson Beach - a place that I go to a few times every summer with a couple of friends - easily one of my favorite things to do, as my friends and I will go into the water no matter how cold it is.

We then decided that we were going to bring Heath Ledger along with us. It was two days before his death, and we wanted to do something nice for him before he died. We had gotten out of the bus, and we were ready to leave when I realized that I left my cd in the bus.

I managed to flag down the bus and get back on. I tried to get my disc back, but I had a hard time reading the labels, and we couldn't determine which of the discs in his player was mine. Everybody in the bus was waiting patiently, but I worried that my friends were taking off without me.